Course Details

Enrollment Fee

$13.99 -  includes instant access to online course; a personalized certificate of completion will be available for download and to print when you successfully finish the course.


Computer (Mac or PC), tablet, iPad, or smartphone with Internet connection. You will not need to install any special software or plug-in.

Time to Complete
Please allow 6 to 8 hours to complete the course. You do not have to finish the course all at once.  Return as often as needed.  You will not be graded on how long it takes to complete the course. You may log in and out and complete at your own pace. The course will remember where you left off. You can even log back on at a different computer.

Material, Tests, Interactive Exercises
The course is divided up into four sections, with a short review test at the end of each section.   Each test consists of 6 to 8 multiple choice questions.  You will be tested & graded on how well you understand the material. This provides a measure of learning to ensure that students aren't simply signing up for the course and/or aren't paying attention. Your grade will be shown on your Certificate of Completion.

The course is designed with an active learning component. Throughout the course, you will also be provided with opportunities to engage in interactive exercises that will apply learned concepts to real-world scenarios.

The course is written in simple, easy-to-understand English and covers the various stages of home ownership as outlined from first-time homebuyer course material and guidelines set forth by mortgage lenders, housing agencies, and non-profit organizations. The course meets many lender and first-time homebuyer program education requirements. Please check with your lender or housing administrator to make sure they accept our online course.

Course Outline

   Section I: Qualifying for a Home Loan

      Topic A: The Pros & Cons of Homeownership
      Topic B: The Costs Associated with Buying a Home 
      Topic C: The Down Payment and Loan-to-Value
      Topic D: Qualifying Ratios and Credit History 
      Topic E: Pre-Qualification and Pre-Approval 

   Section II: House Hunting

      Topic A: Your Housing Preferences 
      Topic B: Finding a Home 
      Topic C: Making an Offer 
      Topic D: The Home Inspection

   Section III: Shopping for a Home Loan

      Topic A: Shopping For A Loan 
      Topic B: Applying For A Loan 
      Topic C: Loan Processing 
      Topic D: Loan Approval & Prepare For Closing 
      Topic E: Closing The Loan 

   Section IV: Being a Homeowner

      Topic A: Settling In 
      Topic B: Your Responsibilities 
      Topic C: Home Maintenance 
      Topic D: Household Budget 
      Topic E: Benefits of Homeownership 

Certificate of Completion - Sample
Our course ensures that students aren't simply enrolling in a course to obtain a certificate without learning and being mindful of the material.  Students will be measured on their level understanding of the course material with four, graded tests. The questions are designed to be relatively easy as long as the student reads, learns, and understands the material. Our Certificate of Completion also shows the student's overall achieved score.