Course Benefits


Low Registration Fee - $13.99 (Instant course access)
We like to keep our fee low so you'll have more money to spend on  your new home.
It only takes a few minutes to register and begin taking the course.  There is no mailing or faxing of paperwork required.  The process of buying a home can be  time-consuming.  We don't want to add more stress to your life.
Clean, Clutter-free Course. There are no ads to distract you in the learning environment.
Measured Learning.  Our course ensures that students aren't simply enrolling in a course to obtain a certificate without learning.  They will be tested and measured on their level of understanding with four, section quizzes. The questions are  designed to be relatively easy as long as the student reads, learns, and understands the material. Our Certificate of Completion also shows the student's achieved score.
Certificate & Grade Verification Tool.  Lenders may check the students scores and verify their Certificate at anytime on our website using the "Check Grades" feature.. This ensures there are no forgery issues.
Compatible on All Platforms. Our homebuyer course is fully supported on Mac, PC, iPad, tablet, laptop, and smart phones.

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