If you're planning on buying a home, it is important to educate yourself on the process from start to finish. Many people feel intimidated by home ownership because they do not know what to expect. One way we can help you minimize the fear is to provide clear and comprehensive information on obtaining a loan, purchasing a home, and your new responsibilities as a new homeowner. Our online homebuyer education course offers flexibility and convenience by eliminating the time constraints of a traditional classroom. Course enrollment fees are also minimized. Most importantly, without having to manage around personal and work obligations to accommodate a traditional classroom schedule, stress is greatly reduced.



Complete your first-time homebuyer education requirement online as a prerequisite to your loan. It  helps to be a knowledgeable homebuyer so that you'll feel more confident during the process, even if it is not a lender requirement.


Borrowers who complete our course will be graded on how well they understand the material. At any time, lenders may check their borrower's grades online and verify the accuracy of their certificate.

Course Features